Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Gamelan & Indonesia

I have traveled to Indonesia a few times now and am always anxious to return again. I am always blown away by the amazing music that is heard all over the country. Although it varies a bit from the Eastern islands back to the West the root seems to stay the same. I find the Balinese style of Gamelan the most interesting. To me at least, it seems more frantic and urgent than the Javanese styles.
Usually when i travel I get turned on to at least one local "pop" band that has made a name for themselves. On my last trip to Indonesia it was Peterpan. I actually like their stuff but I am sure it has a lot to do with where my mind is at when I heard them for the first time. I was traveling with a local named Adrian across Flores island in Eastern Indonesia on our way to the town of Moni. The drive lasted for a few hours winding around mountain passes with only room for one car most of the time. Smells of sulfur from the active volcanoes and moisture from the dense foliage with the occasional person selling local liquor "arak" on the sides of the road.
so for your enjoyment:

Indonesian Kecak Mp3

PeterPan - TakBisaKah Mp3

Javanese Gamelan - Pladrang SriKondur Mp3


John said...

Gamelan certainly grows on you and you can get wonderfully lost in the rhythms.

There are a good selection of CDs and VCDs on Murni's web site - www.murnis.com. I've got several CDs there and some musical instruments.


squidchip said...

thanks John I will check em out!