Thursday, March 05, 2009

MiAmi & Thank You @ 529 E Atlanta

Friday March 6th there is a great show happening at 529 in E Atlanta Village. MiAmi from San Francisco and Thank You from Baltimore will be coming through town.

MiAmi reminds me a bit of Gang Gang Dance. Great beats and interesting vocals. Definitely not a typical run of the mill rock band. Very percussive, jerky at times, ambient at times ... great soundscapes!!!!

MiAmi Mp3 - New Guitar

Thank You, from Baltimore are taking the middle slot with Untied States opening.
Thank You are pretty cool from the few tracks I have heard. I would say they are a bit noise rock, drone, intense sounds. So hard to describe bands. haha. Break down then build back up I guess.

Thank You Mp3-Empty Legs
Video below:

Untied States are a local band here in Atlanta. They have gone through numerous member changes over the years but have continued to write some good stuff and be a mainstay in the noisier rock scene of Atl.

Official Band Page Here

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