Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Where is the Scene Gone?

So i went to see The Chinese Stars play a show last night at the Cotton Club of all places. They are touring with Kill Me Tomorrow and Moving Units. Moving Units is supposed to be getting quite a buzz right now. I thought they were good at what they did but t was nothing new and different. The Chinese Stars played first to a dismal crowd of about 25 people. Granted it was a tough night as Blonde Redhead & The Cramps were both in town that night. Also, it was a Tuesday night. I thought the fact that it was an 8pm show might bring more people out for it. I was way wrong. There was hardly anyone there. They crowd did enjoy the bands and stood up close to the stage at least.
Chinese Stars sounded really good. To bad there was no one there to see it. No wonder bands skip Atlanta so often when they tour. As a whole I think our fair city doesn't support touring up and coming bands that well. Especially when the said bands are a bit out of the norm. Kill Me tomorrow was pretty cool. Bass, guitar/effects and stand up drummer/effects. I felt the sound got muddy at times but that is to be expected with a sound like that and sound men who have never heard you. Again Moving Units i felt was good but nothing new and exciting.
Anyway the crew all crashed at my place for the night. We ended up at the Majestic for a quick bite then 3/4 of Chinese Stars headed to the Clermont Lounge and the other 1/4 came back to my place for the night. The others came over after their Clermont encounter. The usual, sleep in till almost 2pm. Down some bitter coffee then grab another bite at The Earl before they hit the road for Winston Salem. They are really sweet guys who i have kept in touch with for probably 6 years now.
Craig and Eric from Chinese Stars used to be in Arab on Radar. Jeff from Arab on Radar is in a new project called Made in Mexico.Steve plays in Athletic Automation.
They headed to Winston Salem and I headed home to crawl back into bed cause I was beat. Back to work in the am. Later

Mount St Helens Cam
The Chinese Stars
Made in Mexico

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