Saturday, October 02, 2004

October Already

Wow I can't believe it is already October. The year is just flying by as usual. Seems like only a few months ago I was in Laos but that was in Jan. Lately I have been getting the travel itch bad. I find myself browsing the stories of other backpackers and travelers to Asia. I am so ready to head back for a month or so.
Not to much has been going on this week. Work was fine as usual. We are preparing to start out big catalog project. Every 2 years we produce a 250pg color catalog of all our product. Some pages have 50 items on it so it is a big task! I think I need a trip before we get started full steam to get my head in the right place.
Tues brings on some friends of mine from Providence RI. They play in a band called The Chinese Stars. Pretty cool stuff. I planned ahead this time and took the day after off of work. They are crashing here and don't have another show till Thurs in Roanoke VA. Should be a good time.

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