Saturday, September 18, 2004

Old School Rock

So last Saturday I went to see Siouxsie Sioux with Budgie doing a Creatures and Banshees set. I was really excited for this show. I had seen them 4 times previously since 1987. They are really good live for the most part and pull the music off seamlessly. This time was VERY different.

First off Siouxsie has been having throat problems so I heard it was her decision not to have the air on until they came out on stage. Well of course by the middle of the show everyone was sweating sheets of water. It was hot as hell in there! They started off the set well with a great percussive piece from the Creatures catalog. Along with them was a Koto drummer from Japan which added to the incredible beats going on. Off to a good start I thought.

As the show continued it went down hill from there. Siouxsie's voice just wasn't up to par. She had 2 back up singers with her and was having trouble hitting some of the notes. It seemed like a struggle at certain points of the show. With the absence of Steve Severin the guitar dept was definitely lacking. Knox Chandler, a well respected musician in his own right, had double duty of bass and guitar. He did well but I felt he was missing from the mix at integral times. Could be the fault of the sound engineers or could be, that it was Siouxsie and Budgie rearranging the songs. Who knows but I wasn't thrilled. I felt Happy House was a disaster although everyone around me seemed to love it.
So we left right before the final encore and didn't say much. Again this is only my opinion and a lot of others at the show seemed to enjoy it. I will add that from what I was hearing this was the first Siouxsie performance for a lot of people.

I saw the Bauhaus reunion in NYC and that was amazing. I was 150% satisfied with that show and was fully expecting Siouxsie to do the same. Oh well, at least she still looks good on stage and Budgie still has what it takes in the percussion dept!

Next show review should be The Chinese Stars @ Cotton Club. Atl GA. Oct 5 2004
Chinese Stars are Eric and Craig from Arab on Radar. An ex member of Six Finger Satellite and one other guy. Sorry I forgot their names. I do feel bad but just to lazy to go look them uo right now.
Until later...

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