Sunday, September 05, 2004

Cool New Toy

So I did an interesting online survery last evening. Usually I find the surveys boring for the most part. Rarely do I get an interesting one sent my way. This one was different and I knew it right from the first question.
They wanted the person who had last traveled to Japan to do the survey. I have never been there except to the airport in Tokyo. I have been all over SE Asia so I felt qualified for the survey. Anyway it turned out to be a cool gadget for travelers. Essentially you point the thing at a road sign, menu, flyer, magazine or whatever. It translates it all for you. Some extra features allow for current maps of where you are when you enter cross streets. Lots of other neat extras as well. It never gave a price or a hint of who was making it. Great tool for people traveling especially for Japan! I will have to get one when they come out and give it a good testing.

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