Sunday, May 03, 2009

Two Live Tracks from Lonesome

Lit Lounge March 14 2009 NYC ... Photo by Donny Lamonto

I have 2 free tracks from Lonesome. A great 4 piece Atlanta band who have played only a few live shows together. You wouldn't know that seeing them live. They are seasoned musicians who gel. Fronted vocally by Danette, Shane on guitar, Wade on drums and Mega on bass they control the stage they are on. Well written songs, excellent lyrics and they don't sound like everyone else out there. Definitely have an original and owned sound with a tinge of darkness.

Next Show July 4th at The Earl

The two tracks are off the soundboard, April 17th 09 at the Earl in E Atlanta.

Trk 6 How Will I know Mp3

Trk 7 Holes Mp3

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