Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Atlanta Music Scene 90's

So I have a few mp3's to post today. Unfortunately the quality isn't great as these are ripped from 7" vinyl records. Atlanta Music Scene RIP.

Suzy Beat was my friend Harvey LaRue's band. A three piece that belted out great distorted heavy riffs. Add a bit of vocals which always were overpowered bu the music and you have Suzy Beat. Jim Prible, who has played with lots of Atlanta bands over the years and Mike sorry don't remember Mike's last name) rounded out the trio.
Enjoy a few mp3s from Suzy Beat

Suzy Beat - 31 Chair Caboose
Suzy Beat - Cherry Bomb

King Kill 33 is the next band I have a track from. King Kill 33 was formed around 1990 in Atlanta. Very hard to describe band that used visuals along with the music. They have some good tracks up on their myspace site. Mitchell Foy sang for King Kill/33 before the creation of Pineal Ventana. Along with Keith Lee on guitar, Donna Smith on Bass and a revolving door of drummers. Myspace has all the details!

King Kill/33 - Ditch Digger

Clobber did really great straight forward punk/indie/whatever rock. Another three piece formed in Atlanta in the early 90's. Jim Pribble pops up again in this band with Allan Ross and Tim Campion. Their early bassist was Shannon Mulvaney. Again check out their Myspace.
Hey Allan let me know if I need to remove the mp3.

Clobber - Get Smart

Next up is Tweezer! I loved this band and all the peeps in it. Pineal Ventana played so many local shows with Tweezer and even did a short little tour with both them and another Atlanta band Bob. Always fun live and loud, just like I want it. They put out two cd's I believe. One was a split with another great band from Nashville called Spider Virus. Here are a few Tweezer mp3's for your enjoyment. All tracks from 7" vinyl.

Tweezer - Piehole
Tweezer - Deep Inside
Tweezer - Smegmatic Overdrive
Tweezer - Firebug

Pineal Ventana (the band I was in) was close with Tweezer, Bob and Suzy Beat. We all had relations with Half Baked Records and did a split 7" with 4 bands. Unfortunately right now I have no BOB to post. Hopefully soon, as they were a treat to the Atlanta scene.

Pineal Ventana - Let Them ... (from 12" vinyl pic disc)
Pineal Ventana - Alimentary School
Pineal Ventana - Attack 50ft Cannibal Clownz
Pineal Ventana - 15 minutes (live)
Pineal Ventana - Philosopher's Stone
Pineal Ventana - Cheese of the Month



Anonymous said...

Mike Kirsch was the bassist for Suzybeat. Not sure where he ended up.

squidchip said...

Think he is up in NYC now.