Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Snowman My New Favorite Band

So I have been turned on to a GREAT band out of Perth Australia called Snowman. They are a 4 piece lineup with 4 releases to their name. From what I understand they have quite a buzz going round Australia and with a recent review of their new album "The Horse, the Rat and the Swan" in Pitchfork Magazine I believe they are well on their way to opening up the eyes of many.
The new album is an awesome listen from start to finish. The elements of angry intense vocals, fragmented at times helps mesh the driving percussion with all other layers. I feel each track stands alone yet is needed to complete the whole listening experience from beginning to end. For me, Snowman brings elements of Nick Cave and other dark geniuses together into one place. From what I have listened to I definitely like their newest effort the best. Very different from older releases and much angrier.

here is a video off the new album


PiZT said...

I like your Nick Cave comparison
that's exactly the comparison i used
It is a VERY INTENSE album.

I tend to monitor which albums get downloaded or looked at the most on my Blog

and currently it is
any Stranglers album
Theatre Of Hate
Public Image Limited
Sex Pistols

squidchip said...

I will always have a place in my heart for PIL. Been listening to them since I was 15, now hitting 38! Damn i'm old.
Yes Snowman is really good, really dark, really in your face! i just love it. Most refreshing thing i have heard in a while. I am so glad pitchfork reviewed it here in the states cause the kids just go crazy for whatever Pitchfork likes!!!
Would love to see them live.

PiZT said...

I'd love to see them live

Public Image have influenced modern music in many ways - even bands like The Presets have borrowed greatly from PiL.

a few Aussie bands I'm fond of at the moment are Children Collide, The Vines (still) and Violent Soho :D

PiZT said...

my fave song is
Daniel Was A Timebomb