Sunday, August 24, 2008

Evangelista - Drunken Unicorn Atlanta 08.23.08

Evangelista put on a great set last night here in the atl. Drunken Unicorn was the venue, they were the middle band on the bill with Xiu Xiu headlining. Honestly I really haven't listened much to Evangelista. My good friend has been raving bout them for a while now. Last time we were in NYC they were playing and we missed their set by an hour. I always forget how early things seem to start in up there. Anyway, we arrived about 10 minutes before their set at Drunken Unicorn. Just the right amount to get drink in hand and head over the side stage. For some reason I hate standing directly in front of the stage. Not sure why but i tend to gravitate over to the sides.
So as usual most of the photos are from this angle. On to the show, Carla Bozulich has one of the strongest most confident voices I have ever heard. She is not shy and puts it out there. She definitely has the talent to pull it off. I thought the whole band was great. The whole set had a cohesiveness, accomplished by the gradual highs and lows of the emotions of the songs. The set was intense yet beautiful. I was VERY impressed. So below I have a few photos I took at the show.

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