Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Love Providence RI Bands!

Let me begin by saying I was and still am a HUGE Arab on Radar fan. I was so upset when they went their separate ways a few years back. I thank the powers that be that they have continued to excite me with their musical endeavors. I first met AOR while on tour in the mid 90's. Made fast friends and became a fan for life. Great music from great guys! Just to give a bit of props, Drop Dead is also from the same area and has been pounding out the hardcore/grindcore for years. (since 90 I think) anyway Ben from Drop Dead is faithful to the Providence scene. He runs a record store, Armageddon up there and is big in the DIY scene. And on another note, my props go out to Load records because everything they put out is AMAZING! ala Lightning Bolt for example. Another older Load band Astoveboat holds a special place in my heart. They sing songs about whaling. Great concept! The drummer Dale is from Glazed Baby.

First I will start with Made in Mexico. This would be Jeff's new band following Arab on Radar split. VERY post-punk sort of stuff. Female singer, 4 piece band. For me I get a feeling of US Maple or Teenage Jesus and the Jerks. They even got a song on Guitar Hero.

Next on the Agenda would be Athletic Automation which is Steve's band.

photo by Pierre Richardson

Nice and noisey, just like I like it!

Chinese Stars round out the after Arab groups.

photo by AshleyG

The best off kilter, good beats, dancing music I can think of.

Arab on Radar - Number 3

Athletic Automation - Hands without Feet

The Chinese Stars - Arson

The Chinese Stars - Cold Cold Cold

Made in Mexico - Farewell Myth

Lightning Bolt - Dracula Mtn

Astoveboat - Appariation

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